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Selecting the right daycare for your child is a huge decision and you will of course have lots of questions. We’ve tried to answer the most commonly asked below, but if there’s anything you’re still unclear about, please call or email and we’ll come back to you as soon as possible.

What is your staff turnover?
We know that staff retention is a critical measure of any daycare, because happy staff make for happy children. So, we’re proud to say that our core team have remained with us for almost eight years. We know that’s unusual in the childcare sector, so we work hard to ensure that our Educators feel valued, empowered and develop lasting relationships with colleagues and families. We provide clear position descriptions and offer strong management support, regular meetings and reviews, and we make sure that we show our appreciation through award nights and, of course, those all-important Christmas parties!
How do you address problem behaviour?
We want all children to feel safe and secure so we don’t shy away from addressing any undesirable behaviour. To that end, we not only meet with parents and create behaviour management plans, but also enlist the support of professionals – such as a Psychologist and Occupational Therapist. In short, we take it very seriously both for the individual experiencing behavioural challenges, and everyone else impacted. We work closely with everyone involved to achieve a positive way forward.
What kind of excursions/incursions do you offer?
Each year we offer four big excursions to the likes of Sovereign Hill, The Fairy Park, The You Yangs, Science Works and Werribee Zoo. But that’s not all! Each week we enjoy a host of other activities, such as visiting the library, Mambourin Sensory Gardens, the car wash, local reserves, the local basketball stadium (Eagle Stadium), Werribee Racecourse, stage shows at the cultural centre, the milk bar and local parks.

Our incursions are just as stimulating and enjoyable, and include the CFA, police, paramedics, Yoga every Monday (free), Happy Feet every Wednesday (additional charge applies), Butterfly Adventures, Thingle Toodle (Road Safety), community visitors, mums/dads and grandparents on themed days. And so much more!

How do you respond to parent feedback/suggestions?
We actively seek feedback via Storypark, the suggestion box, verbally and in many more ways. We share draft policies and ask for feedback on changes and we even ask families to pick the names of our new animals!

Kids World is a community, but you are also our customers. It’s critical that you feel listened to and receive the service you require.

How do you manage sickness?
We know that everyone gets little coughs and colds and we don’t feel that it’s necessary for children to stay home when they do. However, if you/we have concerns that it’s anything more significant, it is important that your child doesn’t attend the centre, to ensure that others don’t get sick.
How do you communicate with parents
How do you communicate with parents

  • The Storypark app is a fantastic way for us to keep in touch with our families. We use it for updates and to show our plans for the week ahead, as well as daily pictures showing what your child has been up to that day.
  • We issue a fortnightly newsletter with menus, useful information, competitions, centre updates and even a riddle for parents (there’s a bottle of wine in it for the winner!)
  • We have management support on-site from open till close every single day, so parents can call or drop in at any time.
  • We have a Facebook page, on which we promote upcoming events and share information.
  • We create displays in each of the rooms and the entrance area to ensure that parents know what’s coming up for their child.
  • We respond to emails within 24 hours
Staff to child ratios
We of course meet all legislated ratios and, in addition, Kieran and Karen are always available on site to offer additional support, as required.
What will the Child Care Subsidy mean for my family?
What will the Child Care Subsidy mean for my family?

The Child Care Subsidy (CCS) replaces the two payments of Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR).

There are two important numbers to note:

  1. The percentage: If you receive 85%; then the government will cover

85% of the daily rate (this is a general rule, although it can vary for centres that charge over $120 per day)

  1. The hours you are entitled to: If you use more hours than you have been assessed as being eligible to receive, the government will stop paying the CCS on the excess hours.

If you’re still confused, or feel that you’re not receiving the correct entitlement, please do come and talk to us and we’ll do everything we can to explain and provide support.

Do you provide food and nappies?
We certainly do – we have a full, nutritious menu of delicious meals, drinks and snacks each day. We also provide all nappies and wipes.
Sample daily menu
Click below to download and view our current daily menus:

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4

How do you structure nap times?
For babies we reflect whatever routine happens at home. For older children we generally facilitate one nap after lunch, however we are very happy  to offer more to ensure that your child is well slept and content!
Can you provide detail on your educational program?
Informed by the National Quality Framework, our activities, resources and routines incorporate principles from both the Montessori and Reggio-Emilia approaches to education.

We use Storypark to outline our weekly programs so parents are aware of what is happening, and promote our monthly events in advance so you can see all the fun things on the horizon.

Comfort policy
Your child’s contentment is paramount. If they are upset, we will offer them whatever comfort they and you are happy for them to receive. We do not have a ‘no hugs’ policy.
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